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Vollen’s Husker Unforgettable First!

By jbath@bozell.com

September 07, 2016

Vollen was nominated by a friend to participate in First National Bank’s “Unforgettable First” Husker game experience!

We worked with a lot of people to coordinate this. People from marketing at First National Bank, the film crew at V2 Content and the entire Husker Vision Crew all had a hand in making this happen. They even rearranged the filming, so he wouldn’t have to miss school! We went down to Lincoln to film the segment for the clip that aired on the jumbotron during the “moment of dominance” at the Husker/Fresno State Game. He had so much fun hanging out with all the crew filming and getting to try on all the gear that the players use!

We received two tickets to go to the game. Daddy got to go! Since he works on Saturdays, he hardly ever even gets to watch the games, let alone GO to one. He was so excited too! When the segment aired, all our friends that were at the game sent us pictures they took of him up on the screen. Friends of friends were commenting on Facebook. We have over 450 likes on his photo! Crazy cool. And to think that 90,013 people saw it. AMAZING. Vollen was on cloud nine. He felt so special and loved seeing his video up on the jumbotron.

What an incredible experience. There are some awesome things that come along throughout your life when you have a kid with special needs. This is definitely one of them. Thank you First National Bank, V2 Content and the Husker Vision Crew!