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Things I Thought I Would Never Accomplish

By Joseph A Kurtz

September 28, 2015

Coming from a broken and rough times to make ends meet. For some time I was put in a orphanage for boys when I was very young. I never knew my father very well, but respected him just as well. With a single parent who was always working, left chores for us kids to do. Then my step-father came into the family picture and tried to bring back that family figure. as a young man I attended Catholic grade schools. Brought up at times by my grandmother who was very much into catholic church going every Sunday. As an alter boy at ICC grade school I became one of those families who attended mass by a request of those who knew pig-latine. Which was how the mass was done. The family moved to North Omaha where I attended Holy Name Grade School. The only fourth grader to serve mass to all the seventh graders. Another move put the family in the field club area where I attended Our Lady Of Lourdes Grade school.