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Reduced Risk With No Regrets

By Kristyn Wiehl

October 12, 2016

BRCA 2 positive. That was the result of my genetic testing done at the age of 24. Breast cancer runs on both sides of my family, but whose gene did I really inherit? It turns out that I carry my father’s gene, in which this disease has taken both of my aunts. This cancer has stepped up to the plate and is batting 1000, as no one has been able to survive it yet. This not only terrified me, but it made me step back and realize that I needed to take action, before it took action. I underwent the preventative double mastectomy at the age of 25.
After 5 surgeries in 8 months, I have reduced my risk of breast cancer by over 90% with no regrets. I was told it wasn’t a matter of if I get this disease, but when I get it. I couldn’t sit back and wait for this to happen to me! I encourage all women and men to test their genetics for themselves and their children, as my dad helped me save my own life by knowing he was a gene carrier.