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My Hero

By Shane Naster

May 07, 2017

My son, Shane, is 28 years old and runs a business out of our home, called MIXNASTER. He received his audio engineering degree and records artists, video books, and other projects in the hearth room of our home. In the past year, despite his rare physical condition and being in a wheelchair since he was five years old, Shane has given back to our community a number of times by recording an audio/video piece for a woman dying of cancer, as well as working to assist a Holocaust Survivor with an audio book project. Shane goes above and beyond to make people feel comfortable and welcome, giving them much discounted services and sometimes even free services. What people don’t realize is that are really making HIS life full by giving him purpose and a chance to use the skills he has acquired while feeding his soul with the love of music he so enjoys. Shane is a hero to all who know him because despite his circumstances, he continues to see the cup half full, finds the silver lining, and helps our community by providing services at affordable rates.