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Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child

By Adrielle Griffin

August 31, 2016

When we think about our community, we imagine safe, healthy, successful and connected. That’s why we work with families living in poverty to empower them with skills to create such a community. Take Mandy, a parent who was experiencing domestic violence, financial struggles and low self-esteem when she found Completely KIDS. Three months later, after finding security and connection in our family program, she was thriving with a new job, a new vehicle and a sense of purpose. Jonathan is a wonderful example of the opportunity to develop social-emotional skills that lead to future focus and growth. When the 7-year-old first came to Completely KIDS, he exhibited behaviors similar to children with ADHD and autism. He struggled to pay attention or stay on task. With a dedicated and consistent staff member, clear boundaries, a reward system and fidget toys, Jonathan has shown improvement in soft skills like listening, focusing and following directions. He is also building relationships with peers and is able to participate in the academic and enrichment programming. Completely KIDS works to meet the needs of the whole child. That means academics, mental and emotional health, nutrition and family time. In so doing, the child has greater potential for his or her future and a greater opportunity to experience success as a contributing member of his or her community as an adult. When #FNBGives, they are investing in the lives of children and families and the vitality of their community.