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Kids first bank account

By Nicole Frazier

February 05, 2016

We wanted to start off the new year with a bang and open new savings accounts for our kids. We wanted to create a fun experience for them so we headed down to your Shadow Lake Branch to use the amazing coin wizard. The kids brought in their piggy banks and some of the money they had saved to open the accounts. The experience was so much fun and the kids loved watching the coin wizard tally up their coins! While we were waiting for a personal banker, the kids got a free hot chocolate from your incredible coffee bar in the branch as well. How awesome is that! The process was amazing and it was such a fun day for the kids!! Thanks for making this “FIRST” such a memorable one! You gained two new customers today, and I couldn’t be happier to introduce them to such an incredible bank that will always hold a special place in my heart. We love FNB!!! #unforgettablefirsts