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How Far Treatment Has Come

By Amber Monroe

October 12, 2016

Breast cancer runs in my family, even though the type of breast cancer I had was not hereditary. My Grandmother does not have her left breast because of it. I think way back when she was diagnosed and how far they’ve come with treatment. I beat Cancer, too! That is my biggest strength knowing that I was able to move on from what happened to me, not forgetting but always pushing forward knowing where I was. My family was my biggest motivation to see me through the good and bad. I am living, surviving and thriving because I was given another chance.

Important Advances

At one time breast cancer could only be diagnosed when a tumor was big enough to see or feel. Now it can be recognized — and cured — far earlier, often before any symptoms have even appeared. Important advances in breast cancer, diagnosis and treatment include: mammography, surgical improvements, genetic testing and treatments. If you find a lump or other change in your breast — even if a recent mammogram was normal — make an appointment with your doctor for prompt evaluation.