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Habitat Building

By Vicky Hansen

May 05, 2016

Most people understand the huge impact that Habitat For Humanity houses have on the people who buy them – safe and stable yet affordable housing is fabulous for those families. What many do not realize is that the volunteers grow a lot as well. I often work with Women Build volunteers who have never used a hammer or a saw. They often think all they are “good for” is sweeping up or delivering nails to the “real” workers. After as little as one day on the job, they are using hammers, nail guns, electric saws, chalk lines, caulking guns, etc. and feel like a full part of the team. Their confidence level goes through the roof for doing repairs at their own homes, or helping out with more Habitat builds or neighborhood decks and the like. This means that building a single home will affect the hundreds of people who work on it, not just the few who move in.