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First Family Photo Without My Dad

By Garrick Baxter

August 20, 2015    |     Omaha, NE, United States

My parents had moved to Nebraska from Missouri in August 2013. Our family was thrilled, especially our four kids – Zander, Emmelia, Boston, and Knox. My mom and dad visited us for dinners and weekends. They went to Zander’s football games, and they participated in every crazy outing. The kids learned that Grandpa Jerry had been a teacher his entire life teaching at all grade levels and university levels. So he read with our kids, he did math with our kids, he told stories, and he just absolutely poured himself in to our kids and into our lives. Three months later, my dad passed away. His passing was stunning to all of us. On that day, my wife got into an auto accident and I wasn’t home because I was in Boston for Game 1 of the World Series the night before. We were just a mess with his loss. Our family was very sad because Grandpa Jerry wouldn’t be there for our lives. Nearly two years have gone by since my dad died. We recently did a family photo shoot and in the middle of the occasion, it struck us all at once that our last photo shoot was with Dad. We had a good cry over missing him but also had joyful tears over recalling great memories and stories. We miss you, Dad, so very much. Thank you, Dad, for an #UnforgettableFirst.