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Climbing a Road to Growth

Loveland’s Summit Pathology continues to expand services

Summit Pathology has reached great heights in growth since the group formed in 2004. The Loveland, Colo., business contracted with two medical centers in the beginning, and now partners with 16 hospitals.

Summit started with a group of pathologists that had been practicing for more than 30 years at hospitals in the Loveland area. They still work with those hospitals – and the others that they have added to their client list – but now it is on an independent basis.

“We’ve been growing dramatically over the past 10 years,” said Andrea Davidson, Director of Client Services. “In 2013, we were hired to do all of the pathology for Poudre Valley Hospital; in 2014, we received the contract to do the pathology work for Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs; and in 2015, we acquired Anapath Diagnostics, which was based out of Cheyenne (Wyo.). We also acquired the contract from Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and the VA, as well as a number of other small hospitals.”

In addition to hospital contract work, Summit Pathology provides services to hundreds of outpatient clinics. It’s a growth spurt that has seen Summit’s staff of pathologists increase from six in 2004 to 17 today.

Histologist at Summit Pathology

“All of our pathologists are board certified and many of them have sub-specialty board certification, as well. We have pathologists with breast pathology specialties and dermatopathology, gastrointestinal pathology and hematopathology,” Davidson said.

Being based in Loveland has been an advantage for Summit Pathology’s growth, Davidson said.

“We have grown so much and have so many sub-specialties that we can provide state-of-the-art care here locally,” she said. “And that includes being able to handle a case from the time that it is first seen in a physician’s office until the time they are treated in one of our contracted hospitals.”

Summit Pathology has made a home in Loveland and has connected with the community as well, especially when it comes to treating patients who cannot afford medical treatment.

“We support all of the local hospitals with their efforts to treat patients that may not have funds for care. We do this through organizations like the Komen Foundation, as well as foundations at local Banner and UC Health hospitals, and we support all of those,” she said. “We support efforts with local cancer patients and we sponsor a number of other events, as well, with groups like RamStrength and the American Cancer Society.”

Davidson credited First National Bank as a source that has enabled Summit Pathology to offer more services to both employees and patients.

“One of the key things that First National Bank has helped us with is our cash payment program,” Davidson said. “That has been a huge benefit for us because we have more and more patients that are choosing to pay for services out-of-pocket up front because they get a significant discount. We’ve been able to grow that payment program, and First National has been a great help with that.”

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